Rebuild Fort McMurray

The most costly disaster relief effort in Canadian history

Rebuilding Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray requires an incredible amount of capital, work and support from government, people, and businesses willing to help. You can help to rebuild Fort McMurray. Through MERX, as a buyer or supplier, you can participate in the redevelopment efforts without incurring any service fees.

Fort McMurray project owners and managers connect with suppliers

MERX, Canada's leading electronic tendering solution, is pleased to provide public and private sector organizations posting relief related projects such as sourcing, reconstruction, demolition, and environmental remediation with free access to suppliers willing and able to help them.

Call the MERX Buyer Support hotline at 
1-888-738-3005 to activate your participation in the #FortMcMurray program.

Suppliers willing to offer services, products, and trades to rebuild

Get free electronic access to all #FortMcMurray  projects. Simply tune your opportunity matching profile to include #FortMcMurray. MERX will then email relevant project information and provide you with unfettered electronic access to review opportunity details, collaborate with project stakeholders, identify potential partners, and submit offers.

Call the MERX Call Center at 1-800-964-6379 if you need assistance adding
#FortMcMurray to your opportunity matching profile.

You can help make Fort McMurray great again

Rebuild #FortMcMurray

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Our collective support has been incredible

Announcing the MERX #FortMcMurray program

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